What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

what is adhd

Having a child with hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be a daunting experience. It can be difficult to know whether your child has it, and how to deal with the symptoms. It can also affect your child’s self-esteem, relationships, and work. A health care provider can help you understand what ADHD is, and how to treat it. If your child has ADHD, treatment may include medication, therapy, or parent training.

ADHD is caused by changes in the brain’s two attentional networks. One network is responsible for controlling and focusing, and the other is responsible for organizing and processing information. When these networks fail to work properly, people with ADHD have problems with , focusing, and organizing. Fortunately, treatment can help people with ADHD live full lives, despite their symptoms.

There are many symptoms associated with ADHD, so it is important to know which ones to expect. For example, people with ADHD may fidget with their feet or hands, or they may forget their belongings or school materials. In addition, people with ADHD may have trouble keeping track of time or following instructions. They may also have difficulty organizing their work, such as organizing homework or keeping track of school schedules. In addition, ADHD is sometimes accompanied by low self-esteem and difficulty making friends.

In order to be diagnosed with ADHD, your child must have six of the nine symptoms defined by the DSM-V. These symptoms must be noticeable in at least two different settings for at least six months, or in the case of an adult, at least five different symptoms must be noticeable before the age of 12. The best way to determine whether your child has ADHD is to schedule an appointment with a health care provider. They will perform a thorough evaluation, which includes taking medical histories, reviewing school records, and conducting a standardized test.

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ADHD symptoms can be deceptively easy to spot. For example, a child might look like he is paying attention, but he isn’t. This can be misleading because most people have more attention than they think they do. If a child is inattentive, he may be misinterpreted by his peers as being lazy, and this may result in him failing in school. However, it is important to remember that ADHD is not caused by poor parenting or too much sugar. There is no magic cure for ADHD.

Some symptoms may be due to other medical conditions, such as an eating disorder. In addition, some symptoms may be caused by traumatic experiences or other psychological disorders. Your health care provider will rule out these other causes of symptoms, and determine whether or not ADHD is the culprit.

ADHD is also sometimes accompanied by other conditions, such as learning disabilities. If your child has both ADHD and a learning disability, they may need to take a special test. The results of these tests may be used to make accommodations in the classroom. In addition, parents can seek face-to-face support from other parents with children who have ADHD.

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